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Never Have Water While Panting

More Health Tips

I had introduced my yoga trainer Farina Redkar recently. She keeps giving me tips in every class. Here are some of the tips she shared with us yesterday.
1. When we get up in the morning, without looking at the bright light first, we should rub our hands together and apply the warmed palms on our eyes, till the warmth is completely absorbed into the eyes. This energises the eyes and helps in bringing vision from darkness to light slowly. This reduces the stress on the eyes. If this is done regularly for a long time, eye-sight improves and the problems reduce in old age also.
2. After you have done the first tip, fill your mouth with water and open eyes wide. Then splash water on the open eyes. This clears the eyes of dirt and daily pollution. It also reduces eye infections. The reason why you should fill water in your mouth for this activity is that it controls breathing during the process. Washing eyes with controlled breathing is good for eye hygiene.
3. Do not drink water when you are panting after strenuous exercise or when you have returned home from a long walk, etc. If water is had while panting, it can enter the lungs, causing lung infections and even sinusitis and cold.

Never Have Water While Panting
Never Have Water While Panting

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