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Eye Hacks (Part III)

We are sharing the recipe for Cool Eye-Pack to Remove Dark Circles. This will not only remove the dark circles, but also the eyes will look fresh. Requirements: 4 drops Almond oil 1/2 teaspoon Tomato juice 1/2 teaspoon Honey 1/2 teaspoon Gram flour Method: Lie down and relax on the ...

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Eye Hacks (Part II)

1. If you are working on a computer, take a break every half an hour. For 5 minutes, close the eyes and then continue the work. 2. Avoid watching TV continuously for a long time. 3. For increasing circulation around the eyes, you may want to do exercises recommended by ...

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Eye Hacks

Many people have dark circles under their eyes. The reasons are – sickness, late nights, sleepless nights, too much computer, too much of reading, too much of TV, etc. 1. First, consult a doctor find out what is the ailment. 2. Include foods with vitamin C like juices of orange, ...

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Back Hacks

Those, who have back pain, are advised to rest on their back, after spreading a bed sheet on the floor. But, today, the floors are made of marble, granite and other such materials, which has the power to pull positive energy into it. It is not advisable even to walk ...

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Neem (Part III)

1. Rub Neem oil over the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off with Neem shampoo. This treatment increases scalp hygiene. 2. Grind Neem fruits with seeds and leaves in a stone grinder. Keep this paste aside. Massage head and hair with sesame oil or coconut oil. After ...

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Health Hacks

1. If cardamom (elaichi), harde, cloves and goose berries are taken daily, it is good for the heart. 2. If chillis are reduced and more black pepper is had in diet, it is good for the health. 3. Having raw centella leaves with black pepper daily can increase memory power. ...

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Neem (Part II)

1. When the decoction of Neem leaves and flowers with jaggery and a pinch of salt is had early in the morning; seasonal diseases and even early stages of cancer can be cured, with allopathic medicines. 2. When tender leaves of Neem are added while making sabzi from the vegetables ...

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Home Remedies

Following tips are suggested for people, who prefer home remedies: 1. During summer, some people get boils at different places in their body. These are called Summer Boils or heat boils. These are not prickly heat. Grind cumin seeds with grated coconut on stone grinder. Mix this paste with the ...

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Rose by any Name is as Beautiful

If lotus is the queen among flowers, rose is the princess. Today, we will be writing about rose. 1. In the morning after brushing, if you gargle with water boiled with rose petals, it is good for oral health. If you have a dental problem, you can add neem leaves ...

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Orange for Health

The orange rind rejuvenates, when boiled with tea leaves, all the medicinal ingredients are absorbed by the tea. Thus it becomes a good beverage. The orange rind mixed with pepper rasam and had during cold, cough, fever or flu; is helpful in that health condition. Grind a little orange rind, ...

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