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Devi Brahmacharini

On Navaratri (Part V)

On the second day of Navaratri, Devi Brahmacharini form of Goddess Durga is worshipped. She has kamandalu and japamala in Her hands. Because she is continuously meditating and fulfills the Brahmacharya Vrata, She is called Brahmacharini.

Devi Brahmacharini
Devi Brahmacharini

There is a saying combining Savitri, Gayatri, Saraswati, Sharade and Brahmacharini together. She gives devoted people knowledge and renunciation. She should be worshiped for all kinds of education. She bestows concentration on the devotees. If this Devi’s mantra is chanted with gyana mudra, full concentration is attained.

We can also invoke the moon on the second day of Navaratri. If a silver crescent moon pendant is attached to a silver chain and energized with the mantra of the moon and with the Goddess of the day to wear around our neck, the good energy of the moon is attained.

Sugar, milk and the white portion of banana can be offered to the Devi on this day. Even milk payasam with rice can be offered. White poha, with sugar, can also be made and offered to the Goddess. Cowpea sundal with grated coconut is also offered. Some people in the North perform the pooja of writing instruments, account books, etc. connected to writing work.

To be continued…

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