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Lord Ananta Padmanabha

Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami

The ascetic, we were talking about toward the end of the posts on On Navaratri, also talked about the Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami.


He said, “Navaratri is mostly for kanyas and suhasinis. But, did widows perform any sinful act? Our culture forgets about them. When a man loses his wife, there is not much difference in his life. However, ladies have several restrictions like not using kum kum, removing scalp hair, etc. Is this right? If these ladies are not given any respect, how will they live? Thus, widows should be invited for pooja on the next Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami and given fruits, milk, etc. On this Ekadashi, if it is not a Tuesday or Friday, many people dismantle the Golu. If the Golu is kept till Ekadashi and widows are fed on that day, it is very auspicious.”

Lord Ananta Padmanabha
Lord Ananta Padmanabha

Mom said, “Even during Navaratri, widows come and perform bhajans at our home. We have no such difference in our home.”

Following our custom, when we shifted here, we gave fruits during Navaratri to the supposedly widowed mother-in-law of Our Lady of Intolerance and incurred sin as a result. We should first find out if a person is eligible for the invite and offering.

The ascetic also said that on all Dashamis, we should not have brinjals. On the Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami, we need to pray to Lord Ananta Padhmanabha form of Maha Vishnu, with Goddess Maha Lakshmi and give the naivedyam to the widows. This is also very auspicious. On Dwadashi, punarpooje is performed and the Golu may be dismantled. Or the Golu can be kept for 5 weeks.

To be continued…


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