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General Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part II)

Today, we share the General Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part II), by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the second part of the post.

General Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part II)


The angels are showering you with wisdom, good fortune and a sparkling countenance. They will also fill you with positivity and remove your uncertainties and difficulties. Financial security should not be the only goal in life. Increasing knowledge is also important.


Take up the reins of your life and begin to be independent. Pray to God for creativity in your personal and professional lives.


The angels will bestow inner energy, righteousness and knowledge on you. You are the creator of your world and it is in your control. Your faith and self-confidence will be reinforced, in the near future. Fulfilling promises and good Karma will attract the best to you.


Whatever happens, keep your hope going. Take decisions based on your instincts. Get your priorities right – in your personal and professional lives. Pray to and believe in God for your betterment.


The angels are obstructing negativity from your lives. They will take care of the challenges that you are facing, currently and due to the cherubs, your personality is becoming flamboyant, alluring and strong. You are on the way to fulfil your dreams and will experience dramatic events happening in your lives.


Consistency and hard work will take you places. Help others heal and be kind. Be peaceful and tranquil and let constancy come to you.


Sundaravalli would be happy to reply to personalized queries. You can contact her at

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