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General Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part III)

Today, we share the General Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part III), by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the third part of the post.

General Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part III)


Balancing your activities and getting your priorities right are challenging tasks. The angels are a source of elevating liveliness, freedom, vitality and joy in your life. Some of you might begin something new, personally or professionally. The process might initiate the beginning of an altogether new life for you. Trusting yourself and building it in others is an important part of your lives.


Perform good Karma to attain contentment and achievement of dreams in life. Respond to situations wisely to win this game of life.


Angels bring health, money and new prospects your way. New business opportunities and investment in property will hold prominence in your life, now. Those eligible can try their luck in medicine or science.


News alert. Be ready. Past is dead. Don’t resurrect it. Heal yourself from its negativities. Charity and good Karma will bring dividends soon. You have the power. Be self-confident.


Miraculous events are expected to unfold in the near future. Angels are helping you to develop focus. You are being guided by the angels and expect some sort of promotion and growth in your life, personal or professional.


Pray and meditate to find the right path for you. Have great goals and the confidence to achieve them.


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