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Lt. Col. Omar S. Pathare (retd.) Security Consultant & Founder - Fortify
Lt. Col. Omar S. Pathare (retd.) Security Consultant & Founder - FORTIFY

Comics Inspired Retd. Lt. Colonel Pathare to Join Army – Fortify

A Journalist Reveals has always been inspired by the brothers and sisters from the armed forces. Recently, we got the contact of Retd. Lt. Colonel Pathare and we wanted to know more about his tenure in the army and how started his consultancy – Fortify. He so kindly agreed and here is the second part:


What kind of action was your first assignment?

It was an active field scenario, which mainly involved gaining moral ascendancy over the enemy and constantly deterring and denying infiltration routes to the terrorists and creating havoc in the hinterland.

What medals do you have?

I have the two medals of serving in High Risk and Counter-Insurgency field tenures, as well as, actively serving in the field during Operation Parakram in Jammu and Kashmir. I’ve also been honored to receive the Order of Dronacharya, which is conferred upon select few officers, who make it to the elite bracket of instructors. (I qualified as an instructor of Anti Tank Guided Missiles aka ATGMs, for which I was conferred the Order of Dronacharya).

Why did you decide to retire as a Lt. Colonel?

During my tenanting major appointments in the Army and interacting with civilian counterparts as well as regular citizens, I noticed that people had resigned to a reactive mindset, which was being exploited by anti-national as well as criminal elements. There was a sore need to educate and empower our own people to proactively secure their own lives and spaces, which would effectively deter, deny and disrupt any malafide intentions against them by criminal elements.

How is your retired life?

My retired life is extremely busy, as I, now, am remodeling security practices, which are aligned to international standards and making them more dynamic to implement them cost-effectively in India.

What made you start your security management consultancy – Fortify?

The large existing and sorely neglected gap, which showcased the lack of personal, professional and asset security overwhelmed by the daily needs of people looking to sustain, progress and progress in an overburdened pace of life inspired me to empower people to proactively take care of their security needs along with their basic life goals. This led me to start my own security management consultancy – Fortify ( which is aimed at securing, educating and empowering people to take effective control of the security of their own lives and living spaces.

What do you look forward to?

I look forward to creating a proactive and empowered Indian, who is self-assured about handling his own security needs and can effectively deter entry of criminals into his personal, professional and social ecosystem.

Photo Courtesy: Manoj Chavan.

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