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Retd. Lt. Colonel Pathare
Retd. Lt. Colonel Omar Pathare

Comics Inspired Retd. Lt. Colonel Pathare to Join Army

A Journalist Reveals has always been inspired by the brothers and sisters from the armed forces. Recently, we got the contact of Retd. Lt. Colonel Pathare and we wanted to know more about his tenure in the army. He so kindly obliged and here is the first part:

Short introduction of Retd. Lt. Colonel Pathare:

I am Lt. Colonel Omar Pathare (retd.), Security Consultant and Founder of FORTIFY Security Management Solutions.

I am an alumnus of National Defence Academy (NDA, Khadakwasla) and Indian Military Academy (IMA, Dehradun) and before that, I spent my junior college years in a preparatory institute called SPI in Aurangabad getting trained to pass the UPSC exam and SSB interview required to get selected for the officer cadre. I was a career infantry officer who worked in diverse environments and assignments within the dynamic and constantly evolving environments of the Indian Army.

Inspiration to Join the Armed Forces:

I was inspired by the British printed ‘Commando’ series of black and white, pamphlet-sized comic books available at our local raddiwala who doubled up as an ad-hoc librarian and a second-hand seller of books. The gripping short tales of soldiers, pilots and sailors during World War 2 drew me into the world where I understood that there is more to life than being a mere citizen and fighting for a just cause and for the country against aggressors was my future calling.

Why Army:

The army was the choice because it was the one who ultimately holds their own ground in war and peace and whichever ground they capture or conquer becomes theirs to claim. No other service could decisively claim such a victory like the army. The army is not flamboyant. It is an institution, which kept on working steadily to keep the borders of our country safe without asking for recognition. It was a true service to the nation.

Qualities to Join the Armed Forces:

A person joining the armed forces has to rise above himself and always think about a group rather than himself alone. He has to put the security and benefit of others before his own and that too, to the peril of his life.

First Posting:

The first posting was in the border town of Ferozepur in Punjab.

When did Action Happen:

Soon after the Ferozepur tenure, I moved to the Gurez valley ahead of Kupwara in Kashmir and was deployed there when Operation Parakram was declared post the attacks on the Indian Parliament.

Pic. Courtesy – Sachin Deshmane.
To be continued…

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