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Harishayani Ekadashi (Part II)

During Chatur Masya, poojas to resolve all obstacles in human life and doshas related to planets can be performed. Devotees, performing vigorous vrata of Chatur Masya, should rest on clean floor or carpet or mat spread on a clean surface (cleaned with cow’s urine and Ganagajal), from Dasami itself. They have to keep their body and soul very clean and maintain celibacy. On Ekadashi, after a bath, wearing yellow clothes is important. They have to wear a Tulasi mala with which Vasudeva’s name has been chanted. Oils should not be applied. But, bathing soap can be used.


Certain eatables have to be avoided. Whole black gram, green leafy vegetables, coriander, white radish, cauliflower and cabbage should be avoided because they may cause diseases. Devotees should follow a vegetarian diet and avoid alcohol and tobacco. They can have soups and juices. Tomatoes, lemon, the gourds, potatoes, ginger and sprouted green gram can be added to our food. Milk, curd, pickles, jaggery and honey should be avoided. Salt consumption should be minimized.

On any Ekadashi, donating rice should be avoided because people may acquire Pitru Dosha. Lying and criminal activities should always be avoided. Particularly in these 4 months, care should be taken that rules are followed. Devotees should listen to their parents and spiritual teachers (Guru). Pooja should be performed in the morning as well as evening.

To be continued…


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