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Anant Chaturdashi

Harishayani Ekadashi (IIIrd and Concluding Part)

Now, we will talk about the pooja method. The selected place in the pooja area (North, North-East or East) should be cleaned with cow dung and cow’s urine. Draw an ashtadala in yellow rangoli at that place. Apply sandalwood powder to each petal and turmeric and kum kum to the top of the rangoli. Place some flowers on each petal of the rangoli. Place a small wooden stool over it. Spread a yellow cloth over it. Scatter some yellow rice grains (mantrakshate kalu) over the cloth.


Place a photo of Maha Vishnu over the rice grains. If you have a small idol of Lord Anantha Padmanabha with Lakshmi, place it in front of the photo. If not, a photo will also do. Place a conch near the idols or photos. In some homes, some unheated raw milk is poured on a silver plate and this idol of Lord Anantha Padmanabha is placed in the middle of it.

Shodashopachara Pooja is performed to the idols and/or photos. All Maha Vishnu and Lakshmi shlokas are to be chanted. Milk and fruits are offered as naivedyam. Bhajans are sung in the afternoon or in the evening. Mahamangalarati is to be performed morning and evening.

Elders say that during Chatur Masya, 4 deities are to be worshipped. Maha Vishnu in Padmanabha form with Lakshmi is worshipped in the first month, by Vaishnavites. Shivites worship Lord Shiva. The second month is special for the Lord Krishna form of Maha Vishnu. In this month, Janmashtami also occurs. Believers worship Lord Ganesha also in this month. Besides, Ganeshotsav also occurs in this month.

Pitru Paksha occurs in the third month. 15 days are devoted to Pitrus. The next 15 days are attributed to Shakti Devi and Navaratri also comes during this time. The fourth month is dedicated to Tulasi, the Shaligrama form of Maha Vishnu and Lakshmi. Diwali and Tulasi Vivaha occur in this month.


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