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Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow, we will be watching this century’s longest total lunar eclipse. In Hinduism, an eclipse is seen in a differently than science does. It is going to occur from tomorrow night 10.44 for one hour 43 minutes. The eclipse brings with it impurity also called sutaka. Astrologers and priests say that no food should be had from 2.30 PM tomorrow till sunrise next day. But, old people, children and sick people need not follow these rules. However, it is imperative that food is not had during the time of the eclipse.


The eclipse dosha will be faced by people having Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius as their star-signs. It is important that all these people resolve the dosha with solutions according to their capacities after consultations with astrologers. These rituals are performed in several temples as well. They may visit these temples for the resolution of their doshas. People, not in a position to perform any rituals, can chant, “Namah Shivaya,” or Chandrashekharashtaka.

On July 27, 2018; the evening poojas that are performed at home, need to be completed before 2.30 PM. The food, water and dairy products already prepared should be purified by dropping Tulasi leaves or darbha grass in them.

It is said that during any eclipse people should not show any laziness. The photos or idols of deities should not be touched during the eclipse. Similarly, pregnant women should not watch an eclipse and they should not sleep during one. But, this time the eclipse will occur during the night. So, doctors, astrologers and elders of the family need to be consulted regarding this. Celibacy should be followed during this time.

The next day after bathing, pooja should be performed with white flowers and ghee lamps should be lighted. White stuff like rice, milk, curd, etc. should be donated in the temple of Lord Shiva. The effects of the eclipse stay from 15 days to one month. But, there is no need to panic. Chanting God’s names and performing our daily duties peacefully will work better for us.


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