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Birthday Wishes for Hero no. 1

Akhiyonse goli mare… sang Vividh Bharati just some time ago. It is Actor Govinda’s Birthday, they reminded me.
The song also reminded me of the time we used to live in Goregaon, Mumbai and there were two little kids – big fans of Govinda. The younger girl, Dolly, would most of the time be found with her Mummy Aunty, my Mom. Dolly was just about 2 or 3 years old and would make me dance to the tunes of Govinda’s songs. We would dance so much and have fun. I particularly remembered the above song because she would sing it as Akhiyonse boli mare…
She was especially crazy about his Aunty no. 1. For some reason, both the kids had to be taken care of by my Mom for a whole day. So Mom took the 3 of us to this movie. Though the older boy was obediently watching the movie, Dolly became a little restless towards the end. But when the final fight sequence came, I drew her attention to it and she started saying, “Ohhh, mala. Govinda ko mala.” – meaning the villains were hitting Govinda.
Dolly also loved Sansanana sain sain.. and would shake her hand to the rhythm in front of my Mom’s face. Mom also enjoyed it.
By this post, I just would not like to share my experience but also wish my Govinda Bhaiya a very happy birthday and not only I but also those 2 kids, who are now in their teens would like to see him in good and popular roles like before.


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