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Talismanian's Sreeja Prashanth
Talismanian's Sreeja Prashanth

My Journey has not been a Bed of Roses – Entrepreneur Shreeja Prashanth

Talismanian's Sreeja Prashanth
Talismanian’s Sreeja Prashanth

Continuing with our ongoing series on Female Entrepreneurs, we present Talismanain Digital’s Shreeja Prashanth. Beginning her career as a bank professional, she found it difficult to manage the job with marriage and post the birth of a child. She soon realized that she had a way with words and took writing seriously. Her continued contribution in this field made her learn several technical stuff connected to writing and she, with a colleague, started Talismanian. Let’s hear more about it from her:


What inspired you to start Talismanian Digital?

I started my career as a bank professional. But marriage and the birth of my son made it hard to continue in the job with utmost accuracy. So I had to give up that lucrative job. Being at home made me unhappy as I always had that quest to learn and do new things, but at the same time, I did not have time to get involved in serious jobs like my previous banking profession. It was when I babysat and narrated stories to my son, I started realizing that the love for words and that the love for writing that was imbibed in me from school days is still in me with all its sheen. I took writing seriously and after my son started his schooling I started working for MNCs as communication strategist. My core area of interest was copywriting, creative blog writing and video script writing. As I worked, I got involved in the technical stuff behind online writing like Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing etc. My then colleague, Anderson, who had hands-on experience in Digital Marketing; turned out to be my mentor and we thought of starting a company together. As we observed, we could find the digital marketing agencies in India lacked in one section or the other. Some failed in ensuring quality content, while some lacked in designs. We wanted to create a company that would fill all the flaws that prevailed in the industry- a company that would be a one-stop destination for Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Designs. Thus a team was created for three main departments – Technical team, Content writers and Designers. Now, we have clients not only for digital marketing but also for branding, advertising and content creation.

What inspired you to name your startup as Talismanian Digital?

As you know, going for a common name will make it difficult for you it get the rankings in search engines. So we wanted a different name. I got hitched by the word talisman as it is something that is believed to bring in luck. I was pretty sure that this venture of mine going to get me luck and that it will change my life to better. Talisman was found plenty in google so we modified it into Talismanian- we define it as a bringer of luck and fortune.

To be continued…


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