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Talismanian's Sreeja Prashanth
Talismanian's Sreeja Prashanth

My Journey has not been a Bed of Roses – Entrepreneur Shreeja Prashanth (IInd and Concluding Part)

Here is the second part of the interview with Talismanian’s Shreeja Prashanth.


What is Talismanian all about?

My company Talismanian has two verticals – (online magazine) and Talismanian Digital.

Our online magazine has earned 6000+ followers and subscribers in a short span of 10 months. We emphasize on the quality of content and we follow high ethics. Online media is flooded with news, videos and images that tarnish names, speculate and gossip about others. It has become so hard to find which fact is and which is not. We make sure that all contents that go on air from bear the highest value of morale. We were the media partners of many great events like All Lights India International Film Festival, Indywood Film Carnival, International Fashion Week, Goa and lot more. We are also associated with Lakme Fashion Week.

Talismanian Digital is all about Digital/Content Marketing. As I explained earlier, it was launched to make good the flaws that prevail in the online marketing segment in India. There are SEO experts but their output lack in good communicative content. Similarly, a content marketing agency stays backward in technical stuff. Each of our departments stays strong under one roof and brainstorming is done every day to ensure the optimized output is worked out for each and every client.

Describe the journey you had till now.

My journey till now was not that easy or a bed of roses. I have had my share of pain points, betrayals, frustrations and dismays. Work is always something which my team and I had enjoyed. There were days when we sat till 2 in the night to complete projects on time.

But handling emotional betrayals are the worst pull-down buttons, not only to me but to all entrepreneurs. However, a year’s experience has taught me to take all situations positively and to forget the worse and get motivated by good experiences. In business, it is natural that viewpoints differ. It doesn’t always mean that the other person is wrong or numb. Your viewpoints may differ from your partner’s. The amount of dispersion in your views shows your probability to stay together. The more your points differ, it is better to part by waving a decent goodbye. Hence it is very much important to check your partner’s emotional, psychological and socio-economic perseverance before signing the partnership agreement.

What is your support system?

Of course, my support system is my team and my family. My partner Anderson, who heads the technical team is the best support pillar, not only to me but to the entire team. His selfless nature while transferring knowledge; helped in disseminating knowledge to a wider extent, keeping every member of the team knowledgeable and self-sufficient. And of course my teammates Sunitha Hariprasad and Jilani are the pillars of the company.

The technically updated team is also my support system that is keeping my company at the top.

What are your future plans?

We are planning to have more branches in the cities like Kochi and Bangalore. At work front, we are also concentrating on sentimental analysis, automation of work and other programs that will keep us at par with the leading global digital marketing agencies. Launching of the print magazine and calling for huge investments is also on the cards.

Talismanian's Sreeja Prashanth
Talismanian’s Sreeja Prashanth

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