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Understanding Gemstones
Understanding Gemstones

Understanding Gemstones

Astrology is a very interesting subject and if used properly, gemstones work magic on us to get good results in different aspects of our life. Popular astrologer Pankaj Khanna has explained the Mystery of Gemstones in his encyclopedia of the same title that is going to be released on May 25, 2019. A Journalist Reveals requested him to help us with some insights on understanding gemstones. Here are some excerpts from the interview:


How are gemstones selected for each planet? Does the planet have to be debilitated or exalted?

Gems carry mysterious powers, which can affect one’s physical health, wealth and emotional well beings. All the planets have their own gems. Garuda Purana and Indra Purana have mentioned about the uses of the 9 primary gems. In the Ratna Pareeksha Adhhaya (Ch.80) of Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira, it is mentioned that the kings wear auspicious gems to ensure power and prosperity.

A planet which is good for the chart either naturally or by the house-rulership yet somewhat weakened by placement may be strengthened through the gem or a planet which already is strong and giving beneficial influence may be further strengthened for gains in particular areas of life by wearing the gem.

Gems are worn for drawing additional energy from the respective planets they represent so that the deficiency if any in the planetary rays at the time of birth is automatically rectified and a weak planet turns into a strong one. So, if a planet is benefic but weak one should wear its gem in order to give it the required strength. Similarly, if a yog karka planet is debilitated, then it must be strengthened by wearing the stone of the debilitated planet. My Gurus taught me that one should always wear a Gem, which empowers the lords of the ascendant, fifth and  ninth houses because these are the points of Luck (bhagya) and it is aptly said that “the Lucky takes the best of the world. The strong and the very knowledgeable just stand and watch.” When wearing astrological remedies either one can wear a gemstone ring, based on their zodiac sign or horoscope or wear a navaratna.

Some people say Manikya or Ruby (Sun’s stone) should not be worn with sapphire (Saturn’s stone). Some say that diamond should not be worn with some other stone (which is that stone?). Is this true? Which other gemstones clash with each other? Why does this happen?

As per astrology, there are nine planets and all of them play a significant role in the life of a human being. Therefore, in order to achieve the positive results, which are being offered by these extremely efficient planets, a person can adopt different gemstones as per their association with their corresponding planet. As per astrologers, gemstones which are worn together should be totally based upon the friendly planets. People should wear two stones at one time if their representing planets share cordial relations. On the other hand, if stones represent conflicting planets, then they should not be worn at a time.

Given the above situation, some people are seen wearing the gemstones for all the planets. Aren’t they affected by the clashes between the gemstones?

It is a known fact that the positions of planets keep on changing so does the dasa and mahadasas of the planets. According to astrology, the malefic effects of planets can be balanced by the effect of beneficial planets when wearing navaratna ring.

About Pankaj Khanna:

Pankaj Khanna, Founder and Managing Director, Khanna Gems Private Limited.

Understanding Gemstones
Astrologer Pankaj Khanna

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