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Fast and Up Product Review

PR Aamir Sayed from Gecko Worldwide contacted A Journalist Reveals regarding a client of his with the following mail:
His mail read: Aeronutrix Sports Products Pvt. Ltd launched Fast & Up, an intelligent and progressive sports nutrition brand, recently in India. Right now the brand has launched Activate, Reload, Energize and Recover in the form of effervescent tablets and gel. These products are for people who lead a very active lifestyle.
Currently all the Fast & Up products are available on, the products are already available on leading ecommerce platforms and physical stores across India.

T-Shirt from Fast & Up
T-Shirt from Fast & Up

Our Take: When I asked if products were available for review, Aamir sent me 2 of the products – Fast & Up Reload and Fast & Up Activate, with a T-shirt along with them.
I don’t do vigorous workouts, but my preference is yoga. These two products are to be had dissolved in water. Therefore, a couple of days later, I tried both the products together as directed on the packs. First I dissolved one effervescent tablet of Fast & Up Activate before beginning my warm-ups and drank it. Then dissolving one effervescent tablet of Fast & Up Reload, I took small sips of the mixture intermittently during the exercises. I felt energized during the whole day after having both these products. Both taste like electral. The packets do not say that these 2 products can be taken at the same time.
I was not satisfied regarding the results, so I asked my Mom also to try them. The next day she took Fast & Up Activate and she also found the same energized feeling all through the day.
Contra-Indication: People who are allergic to electral and other cooling stuff should keep away from this because this flares the sinuses or use the products after consulting their doctor. Another alternative for people with cold allergies could be to use it with warm water.

Fast and Up Products


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