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Guidance Readings – August 2021 (Part III)

Today, we share the Guidance Readings – August 2021 (Part III), by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the third part of the post.

Guidance Readings – August 2021 (Part III)


Positive thoughts give you a magnetic personality. Look for new opportunities to achieve great things. The cards foretell that you are going to be busy for the next few days. Blocks on your path are giving way to smooth roads.  


Wishing for your dreams to come true with positive thoughts, will manifest them easily. Don’t lose faith. Continue on your path until you reach your goal.


Prioritization of tasks is important but challenging. Trust yourself and near and dear people. There is a possibility of a makeover in your professional or personal life, which will be like a new beginning for you. Make wise choices to succeed in the situations faced by you.


Don’t go over the top in any activity. Let things be simple. Collect good Karma because only good intentions will result in good for you.


Some of you can expect some help from a spiritual person. Inactivity will only create difficult situations. To overcome these situations, you need to act upon your thoughts. Indulging too much in anything, yours or others’ might obstruct your responsible activities.


Be grateful for what you have. If you are in a bad situation, do not give up hope. Keep your faith, in the guidance of the angels, intact. Take responsibility of your life.


Sundaravalli would be happy to reply to personalized queries. You can contact her at ajournoreveals2020@gmail.com.

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