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Devi Chandraghanta

On Navaratri (Part VI)

The third day of Navaratri belongs to Devi Chandraghanta. A crescent moon adorns the forehead of this Devi like a bell. Thus, Her name is Chandraghanta. She has several weapons in her 10 hands and is always ready to vanquish the evil. She protects devotees from unknown fear, fear of the innocent from surrounding evil, fear of terrorism, etc.


When the devotees chant the Durga Navarna Mantra, all fears disappear and the Devi grants protection from danger. Devotees worshipping her, with faith, have experienced help from unexpected sources in a miraculous way. The Devi bestows inner strength to fight injustice.

Devi Chandraghanta
Devi Chandraghanta

Devotees, chanting Navarna Mantra, can feel the illusion that they have attained Siddhi. But, they should continue chanting more of it. As the chanting increases, they will feel the inner strength increasing. Devotees should wear red clothes while worshipping this Devi.

Red rose garland, red roli, red roli thread, red akshata and red chunri should be used to worship this Devi. The devotees, knowing to make Gaja Vastra, should make it with red roli. Pooja is performed with white and red colour flowers and garlands. Milk, poha with jaggery, Gulab Jamun, jangry, milk peda, pomegranate and bananas can be offered to this Devi and distributed as Naivedyam. Special halwa with wheat flour roasted in ghee with milk, sugar and pancha mewa can also be offered to the Devi as Naivedyam.

The Devi resolves all doshas of Mars as well. Devotees can also chant the Beejakshara Mantra of Mars. Today, with the Devi, Lord Hanuman and Ganesha are to be worshipped.

To be continued…


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