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Devi Kushmanda

On Navaratri (Part VII)

On the fourth day of Navaratri, Devi Kushmanda is worshipped. This Devi is also called the Ashtabhuji Mata because She has 8 arms. She is sitting on either lion or tiger. Her hands have a flower, Kamandalu, Japa Mala, bow, arrow, Mace, sword, Sudarshan Chakra and Amruta Kalasha.

Devi Kushmanda
Devi Kushmanda

Since it is the fourth day after Amavasya, it is also called Vinayaki and Lord Vinayaka is also worshipped on this day. Durva grass is important today and both the Mother and the Son can be worshipped with it. Hybiscus flower can also be used to worship them.

Issues related to intellect, concentration and any speech defect are overcome when this Devi is worshipped. This day also depicts the planet mercury. When Durga Navarna Mantra is chanted with Budha Beeja Mantra, all issues related to the planet mercury are resolved.

The Devi is offered Malpuha, apple and bananas, on this day, besides sundal.

To be continued…


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