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Rose by any Name is as Beautiful

If lotus is the queen among flowers, rose is the princess. Today, we will be writing about rose.
1. In the morning after brushing, if you gargle with water boiled with rose petals, it is good for oral health. If you have a dental problem, you can add neem leaves also to the water before boiling.
2. If rose murabba is had in empty stomach during early hours of the day, the digestive system works well. It is also good for the intestines.
3. You can have relief from headache by smelling roses. You can also squeeze a few drops of the essense of rose petals into the nostrils for the same effect.
4. You can use rose petals as a scrub on our body. The following mixture has to be used for the same: a handful of rose petals, 1/2 the quantity of neem leaves, the rind of one orange, a handful of green gram powder. Mix the above in milk and blend into a paste. Apply this paste all over the body before bathing. If you have dry skin, apply either olive oil, liquid parafin or glycerine before applying this paste.
5. If you have issues with sweat and odor relatted to the same, you can boil 2 handfulls of rose petals, 12 neem leaves and the rind of one orange with one handfull of any jasmine flower in water. If this water is used for bathing, issues with perspiration will be reduced. You also do not need to spray oodles of perfume on yourself.


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