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Naivedyam for Maha Vishnu

Today was Shadtila Ekadashi. Many would have not even had water. Others might have had water only. People with ailments and older people might have had fruits. Tomorrow is Shadtila Dwadashi. Beginning Shankaranti this whole month belongs to Maha Vishnu. That is why this Ekadashi and Dwadashi are important.
Today only a few Tulsi leaves would have been offered to Maha Vishnu. Care must have been taken to have plucked these leaves yesterday. Today Tulsi leaves are also not supposed to be plucked. Tomorrow morning the first Naivedyam would be freshly plucked Tulsi leaves and then, butter, thick cow’s milk; thick curd; ripe bananas; blue berries; guava; laddoos; Mysore pak; chikkis of chickpeas, peanuts and puffed rice; khoya with sugar; and puffed rice with jaggery and ground coconut. These can be offered together or separately according to one’s financial strength. If possible, one should offer the Naivedyam to poor people before consuming it oneself.


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