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The Tricycle
The obese woman was a jaywalker and abused the differently-abled boy.

The Tricycle

A Journalist Reveals began sharing moral-giving stories from the first one, we posted a few days back. Continuing with the good work, we are sharing The Tricycle, today.

The Tricycle:

A differently-abled boy was moving on his tricycle on the road. The traffic policeman standing on a signal told the boy to cycle on the large footpath alongside the road. The boy took the suggestion and began cycling on the footpath.

A very obese woman came from the opposite direction chattering on the mobile. She did not see where she was going and bumped into the boy’s tricycle. The boy toppled over with the tricycle and fell. The woman began to laugh and said, “You have such a big road for cycling. Why did you come on the footpath?”

The boy said, “The traffic policeman told me to travel on the footpath.” The boy was obviously hurt because he had been laughed at for no reason. People moving about nearby were also laughing.

The woman offered her hand for the boy to get up. The boy declined and straightened the tricycle, on his own. Then, he hoisted himself into it. The woman ridiculed, “Self-respect!”

The boy replied, defiantly, “Yes, self-respect. Now, take this challenge – your 10 children have fallen all over the footpath. Pick them up and we will race each other. You will run and I will cycle.”

Now, the pedestrians were laughing at the woman. The woman was embarrassed. The boy let go of his frustration and began cycling on the road. Another traffic policeman stopped him and told him to cycle on the footpath. The boy told him what happened. He said, “I will survive a motor vehicle accident. But, I won’t survive bumps with jaywalkers.”

By then, the woman, who had been jaywalking, had followed the boy to the signal. The traffic policeman told the woman, “Keep your mobile in your handbag while walking on the road or the footpath. This way you can avoid accidents.”


Never disrespect others. Hurting others might turn against us. If the person, hurt by us, hurts us in return; we will not be able to tolerate or deal with it.

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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Multimedia Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

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