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Ajaz Khan

“Originality has always been appreciated,” says Ajaz Khan

When a person from non-film background tries to make it big in a field like Bollywood, things often do not work out. But being positive and hopeful keeps them going. Ajaz Khan found is popularity in Bigg Boss after an interesting debut in Rakt Charitra. Born in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, he was bent on a career in films and so did not study beyond the 10 std.


Of his mother, he says, “My mom Zohra Khan, was born and brought up in Ahmadabad itself, is the strongest woman I know. She got married at a very young age (arranged marriage). She has sacrificed a lot for us. She is my life, my strength.” He believes that he was born on this earth and has this beautiful life to live for his mother and give her all the happiness she deserves.

How was your childhood?         

I have had a very normal childhood, like 90% Indian people have in India. No brown bread and butter but only Bun-Pav. I was the most obedient kid when in school, amongst the silent ones.

Tell us about your Dad.

My father Shafi Mohammad Khan is a businessman in Ahmadabad. He has sari printing factory there. A very simple, hardworking man, he has been our strength and protected us from all evils. He was recently honoured with an award of ‘Glory of Gujarat’.

Ajaz Khan
Ajaz Khan

Do you have any brothers and sisters?

I am a brother of 5 beautiful sisters, 2 elder to me and 3 younger. All are married and are responsible housewives settled in Ahmadabad.

Tell about your wife and kids.

Yes I am a married man of a beautiful lady from Holland, Fallon Khan who has got herself converted to Islam. She has blessed me and my family with a handsome son, Alexander. My wife and my son are the love of my life.

What did your parents say when you took up modelling and then acting as a career? Acting as a career is so unreliable.

My parents have always supported my decisions. They supported me even when I chose to get into this industry, not materialistically, but I always had their blessings which has got me here today at this level.

How is your life now that movies have happened to you?

According to me, the struggle has started now. I have been known as an entertainer and my fans expect more entertainment from me now. My struggle will always be for my loving fans that have showered their love and blessings always. It is them who have helped me survive in this industry and yes of course the hard work that I put in. Work comes with responsibilities and it’s my responsibility to keep entertaining the audience with my acting. With lots of work I get to spend less time with family, which the saddest part of my life especially with my life, my son.

Ajaz Khan
Ajaz Khan

Which was your first movie? How did you get it?

My first movie was with Ram Gopal Verma and its name was Rakhta Charitra. I was a part of a reality show called Zoom Idea Bollywood Club. Ram Gopal Verma was impressed by my performance in the show after which I was hunted by Sir’s team and was signed up for his film. Like everyone I too had auditioned for the role and that is how I entered the big screen after television.

What do you think about the way Bollywood movies are going today?

Bollywood movies have become very predictable now-a-days as there is nothing different. People are either making remakes of South Indian films or continue to make films in the same genre. Bollywood films are known to always have a happy ending, even if there is a sequel to it. That way I love Rajkumar Hirani’s films. He keeps experimenting with the genres, scripts and even his actors and his films are always based on current issues to which the audience relate directly. He always has a new topic to share which makes him stand out. One thing I have noticed is new actors from a non-filmi background are also considered by good film-makers maybe that is the first step towards development. The competition has also increased and the competition is tough.

Ajaz Khan
Ajaz Khan

Bollywood is clearly trying to compete with its Western counterparts in every department. Do you think directly copying scenes and stories from Hollywood and other foreign movies will work? When the iconic Sholay released, there were not many sources in the hands of the viewers to know that it heavily drew from the Western Classics. Now we have access to different sources. In the given scenario, your take…

Originality has always been appreciated. Now-a-days Indian audience too are exposed to Hollywood films and prefer watching Hollywood more than Bollywood. Indian Cinema too has the best technicians who make better films than Hollywood. We too have adapted the films with hi-end VFX and love a few of them. But according to me Bollywood should explore more. There are many Indian stories which are unsaid and are hidden. I am sure such stories will be much appreciated than the remakes. Whereas when we talk about copying, I think it is still fine than copying the whole film. People learn from others and implement that. For a few it works and for others it’s just bad luck.

How different are modelling and Bollywood acting professions and scenario in the 21st century? 

The scenario in the 21st century has changed a lot. Earlier the competition wasn’t as tough as it is now. Every individual has immense talent now-a-days, be it in modelling or acting. Pre promotions, post promotions, 100 core club are something new and everyone is trying to win the race. Earlier people only focused more on the screen presence. These days you have to be a graduate in acting, direction, music, etc. only then you are considered. Modelling also has different platforms like the fashion weeks where a lot of new talents are also introduced and given a chance to show their talent.

What are your future projects?

My future projects include Baldev Singh Bedi’s Love Day, Pooja Bhatt’s Nark, Rakt Dhar, Sanjay Gupta’s Mumbai Saga and I Love Dubai!


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