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Nad Sham – Bollywood’s New Heist

Let’s talk about Nad Sham – Bollywood’s New Heist, today. This is a short introduction of the actor, with some insights into upcoming projects.

Nad Sham – Bollywood’s New Heist

A passion personified with the Actor Nad Sham skilled in Hindi, English, French languages will be seen opposite to Miss India 2019, Suman Rao and Siddhanth Kapoor in his much-awaited Bollywood project, Alpha Venus.

Actor and model, Nad Sham, plays the protagonist, the male lead – Neel (codename: Alpha), who is a master of disguise, a con artist. Further, he comments, “Uniqueness of the role is that I get to have three disguises with unique characteristics and also speak Hindi, English and some French. The core of the story is Indians standing for India.”

Nad Sham relays, “The action scenes were a bit taxing including having to jump from a bridge, and the tight schedule since we were shooting in winter, we had to adapt to the daylight.”

This film deals with a familiar problem in India at the core i.e. corruption and mixes it with elements of action, adventure, comedy so it’s a complete package of entertainer. Major chunk of the film is shot at the exquisite locations of Mauritius and India.

Nad Sham - Bollywood's New Heist
Nad Sham – Bollywood’s New Heist

Blame his appealing looks and extraordinary talent, the upfront ambitious actor has triumphed upon the hearts of millions with his stint in a well-loved Hollywood project NSR The Jade in which he not only played the lead role, he also carried his own stunts including driving cars in high-speed chase, piloting a speed boat in the open sea, and standing in a fast-moving helicopter.

Nad recently signed 3 new Bollywood Movies and without revealing much, he has already started shooting for his next Bollywood project in Turkey and Santorini says, “I can’t talk about the project now, however I will let the production disclose more in due course.”

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