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The Moon Waxes and Wanes

The Moon Waxes and Wanes Review

About The Author: Vishesh Kalimero, the author of The Moon Waxes and Wanes is a much traveled man. He says traveling is “a way of life for him”. He has spent the last 6 years traveling in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, West Asia, Europe and Latin America. He never took his writing seriously and would narrate his stories and poems to only close friends until a magical meeting with Dipika Khaitan from Maiya Publishing at an airport changed that. His stories and his music both are very symbolic and abstract created in and for the moment. His writing touches deep aspects of human nature which many are afraid to touch.

About the Book: The Moon Waxes and Wanes is a supernatural spiritual fantasy. The novel takes the reader on a trip through a young girl’s consciousness, subconscious and super consciousness.

Our Take: The short novel reads like a fairy tale. Dawa separates from his tribe due to ideological differences and forms a tribe of his own on crescent island. One night he meets night, who is yearning for light of day. Dawa, through a ritual, reunites light and night, finally entering into the fire himself with his 2 wives. Dawa then becomes a great wizard and turns into the moon, which waxes, when he lives with one wife and wanes, when he lives with the other.

Centuries later Neema in another far away land is agitated and frustrated with her life. After a crystal reading through a witch doctor, she realizes that she is destined to travel to the crescent island. Does she travel to the land of Dawa? Does she find peace in the new land? What else was in store for her? The novel takes the reader through answers to these questions and more.

I felt that the ending was a little abrupt in proportion to the book. The author could have said more in terms of the climax. The novel also does not score in the editing department. A tighter editing would have made the novel read better.

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Book Title: The Moon Waxes and Wanes.

Genre(s): Fantasy, Fairy Tale.

Author: Vishesh Kalimero.

Publisher (Year): Maiya Publishing. (2016).

ISBN: 978-81-931343-1-3.

Number of Pages: 85.

Price: Rs.300/-.

Contact Details of Publisher:

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