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USA Pears

USA Pears Review

PR Harpreeti Naraan from Quik Relations contacted A Journalist Reveals regarding their client, USA Pears.
Her mails said: Looking for something refreshing and deliciously juicy? Well look no more as
the Pear Bureau Northwest brings the freshest and most popular pear varieties just for you.
Pears are not just a delectable snack, but are packed with loads of health benefits. They are an superb source of fiber and vitamin C. Calorie-wise one medium-sized pear provides has only 100, while giving 24 percent of daily fiber requirement. They do not contain sodium, cholesterol and fat. But they have 190 mg of potassium.
On behalf of USA Pears, we would love for you to experience the wholesomeness of this super fruit.
Our Experience: Harpreeti wanted us to taste the fruit from USA Pears and write a review about them. We thought why not and asked her to send them to our address. They arrived yesterday evening by hand delivery.
When we opened the box, we saw that there were 3 red and 3 green pears, just the right number for the 3 of us at home – my parents and me. My very religious Mom, told me to first offer them to God and then we could have them, since they had arrived just in time for our evening pooja. After the pooja, we picked up the 3 red ones. They were very soft. The box also contained a plastic fruit cutter. The one, which I picked, had a too soft portion as well. But the fruit looked fresh so we all had them immediately.
Today we had the green ones, which were harder. In fact when I tried the fruit cutter on one of them, I felt that the cutter would break. The fruit was so hard. So ultimately we used a knife to cut them. These fruits were still fresh, though we hadn’t refrigerated them over night.

USA Pears
USA Pears

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