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Dr. Sunita Dube

Bringing Medical Practitioners Together For Human Good-Dr. Sunita Dube

She is the only doctor from India, who has initiated through her organization, the MedscapeIndia, awareness regarding legible handwriting among doctors to prevent administering of wrong medicine to save the patient life due to illegible handwritings by giving simple tips for them. She is also a campaigner against the female foeticide. She has been most vocal about health care and women-related concerns.
She is Dr Sunita Dube, the Founder-Chairperson of MedscapeIndia. This lady is the first to establish a first-of-its-kind nonprofit organization, which brings all the medical institutions together to create a culture of holistic and fair healthcare system in India.
Dr. Dube, also the Director of Aryans Group of Hospitals, has started an effort to provide basic healthcare and education to marginalized people of society through Aryan Medical and Educational Trust.
She realized a few things and spoke out about them, after the research conducted by MedscapeIndia. She says, “I concluded from our research there were several infrastructure issues in these institutions, affecting the proper functioning of basic healthcare system. I also found that proper and clear communication between the doctor and their patients was completely lacking.”
“In response to the research,” Dr. Dube proposed to the Government “I suggested to them that they integrate SMART DOCS in MBBS curriculum, which will improve communication skill and better patient psychology management. I realized that various traditional and medical branches like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Yoga and Allopathy were not the integral part of healthcare system. Allopathy is currently ruling over other branches of medicine, like cricket over other sports in India. I believe that doctors should understand each other’s problems but they need a platform where they can stand for each other beyond the branch and specialization especially during crisis.”
From the time MedscapeIndia was started, she has accomplished her different objectives. Surveys were conducted by her to find out issues related to healthcare system in India. Thus her attempt significantly progressed in the direction of rooting out the fundamental reasons of all issues in healthcare system and among all stakeholders. She is concentrating on remote areas as regards to establishing healthcare infrastructure through MedscapeIndia community. She is also helping out urban and rural marginalized patients with regular medical camps.
Dr. Dube has been awarded with the Maharashtra Gaurav 2009 Award, Uttar Pradesh Ratna in 2008, Karmveer Purshkar as Noble laureate doctor in 2010, Women Achiever Award in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in a row and Pride of Nation in 2012; for all the work she has done in the field of medicine and as a social activist/entrepreneur.
Dr. Dube established MedscapeIndia with a vision to retain it as an ethical and efficient body in Healthcare Sector. And she has achieved the following:
• Achieve the standardization in duties and principles of medical practice in all fields of Medicine.
• Protect the rights of the doctors as well its patients.
• Highlight the social responsibilities of medical fraternity and motivate them to work towards various issues.
Today, her work has made her one of the most respectable doctors and visionary. Dr. Dube stands for socio-medical issues related to women. Healthcare and women issues related cause is close to her heart. She is been instrumental in crusading against the most heinous and most diabolic female feticide by not only sensitizing the medical community but also addressing the root cause of gender discrimination embedded in the social strata by adopting several girls and empowering them through quality education and better health awareness. She is currently running a hospital in Allahabad for neonates and with her father she running two intermediate college and degree college which is more focused on women’s education. She has also taken up the cause of HIV-on whose subject the society is ignorant due to lack of awareness.

Dr. Sunita Dube
Dr. Sunita Dube

This article was first published in Eve’s times magazine and has been reproduced here with the permission of the editor, Swati Amar.

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