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Vajresh (Part II – Vajresh-o-phobia)

The editor of A Journalist Reveals, Yashaswini called my Mom with a strange request. She had been contacted by a friend regarding another friend’s dilemma. The girl has had 8 miscarriages and had prayed that if she would get a living child, she would name them Maheshwari, if a girl and Vajresh, if a boy. The girl’s MIL has a Vajresh-o-phobia. The reason was mentioned in the previous part.



Mom told Yashaswini to inform her friend to postpone the naming ceremony. She also suggested that the boy could be given a pet name – Mahesh. They could visit Vajreshwari 9 times and on the last visit they could ask the priest there to utter the name Vajresh in the infant’s ear 3 times.

Vajresh can, then, be the name they would use to register in the child’s school. Vajresh is the husband of Goddess Vajreshwari. The girl should call the child Mahesh only – never Vajresh – in front of her MIL. During the naming ceremony at home, the name Mahesh should be used.

Our Experience:

We were friends with a Gujarati family of 3 sisters when we lived elsewhere. Their young paternal uncle lived with them. This uncle had a teenage friend called Vajresh. This boy – Vajresh – would often visit their home and one day stole an expensive branded transistor.

It took the family sometime to realize what had happened and eventually they went to the police. The police inquired about the visitors in the previous days and came to the conclusion that it had to be Vajresh.

The police went to Vajresh’s house in mufti and coaxed him to speak out about the theft. When Vajresh began to trust them, they threatened him and he accepted that he had committed the crime. It turned out that this boy had stolen expensive stuff from 7 other places, as well!

We don’t know what happened after this. We assume that, probably because my friend’s and Vajresh’s families belonged to the same community; my friend’s parents might have withdrawn the police complaint. One thing was sure. Vajresh was not allowed in my friend’s house again.

There is more to this case than meets the eye. Wanna know what happened next? Stay tuned.

To be continued…

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