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Republic Day 2019
Republic Day 2019

Republic Day 2019

Today is Republic Day 2019. Republic Day 2019 is our 70th year of being a republic.


Republic Day 2019:

As usual, we also celebrated it this year also at home, on a small scale. Yesterday and this morning, municipal workers were cleaning the flag hoisting area near our place. Immediately after the workers had left, a pet dog peed on the flag’s platform. The caretaker allowed it to happen. Did he not know that the place is sacred?

The patriots, who came to decorate the area, did not detect the odor because the municipal workers had spread a lot of bleaching powder in the whole place, just a day before. If the patriots had detected the odor, they would definitely have taken the right action.

Similarly, we feel that the municipal workers, who came to clean the place despite it being a government holiday today, need to be applauded for their duty-consciousness. Mom and I salute them. We also feel that the people using that area for flag hoisting need to appreciate the efforts of the municipal workers by giving them some gift. But, this did not happen.

We are supposed to hoist the flag outside the house. However, there are several disrespectful people around, in our building, who might kick the flag away. So, we had to do it inside our flat on our small terrace. We also gave tribute to the immortal soldiers and the food-giving farmers, who committed suicide.

We prayed for the well-being of all the soldiers currently protecting the country. We are celebrating and enjoying the occasion. But, several jawans are fighting terrorists and intruders. We saluted them and prayed for their long life.

My Grandfather Said:

My maternal grandmother’s brother-in-law was a Major Doctor in the army. During the 1965 Indo-Pak War, he had retired; but had been requested to help. Post that, he told Mom about his experiences. Grandfather told her about this incident.

A soldier was shot thrice on his back by some Pakistani. The bullets hit him inside the backbone near the heart. Despite his agony, the jawan shot dead 3 enemies. Other soldiers brought him to the medical tent. The soldier was half conscious and told my granddad, “The enemy shot me in my back. Is there any other insult bigger than this? But, I hit 3 of them in the chest. That is enough for me.”

He did not co-operate for the treatment and did not want to live. My granddad told him to get well and kill 30 of them. But, he soon expired. My granddad told this to Mom, with tears in his eyes. Mom told this to me, too, with tears in her eyes. We are inspired by these gutsy soldiers to live in a place where terrorists thrive.


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