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Sage Narada and Lord Hanuman

Ego Always Loses

Sage Narada was always proud of his singing and veena recitals. He had a veena called Magadhi.
Once he challenged Lord Hanuman for a veena recital contest. Lord Hanuman was not interested in such petty things. He was busy singing the names of Lord Ram. Sage Narada pestered Lord Hanuman into competing with him. Lord Hanuman agreed to the competition to get rid of Sage Narada.
Sage Narada said, placing his veena on a rock, “The person, whose veena recital melts the rocks nearby would be the winner.”

Sage Narada and Lord Hanuman
Sage Narada and Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman played several ragas praising Lord Ram with humility. All the rocks melted. When Sage Narada’s turn came, his veena was not to be seen. He claimed that he would sing devotional songs to melt the rocks again to retrieve the veena. He thought that his voice had so much power. He sang many songs but the rocks did not melt.
Sage Narada fell at the feet of Lord Hanuman and admitted his mistake. Now, it was the turn of Lord Hanuman again to sing His devotional songs. Thus, it was Lord Hanuman’s songs that finally helped Sage Narada get back his veena.
There is a temple of Lord Hanuman in Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu, having a veena in hand. Really devotional people can hear the name of Lord Ram from the veena.
To be continued…


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