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Holi in Karnataka (Part III)

Dad always brings potato vadas from a Jain’s shop. The Jain is Dad’s friend. But, when Mom makes something at home, it is a different stuff altogether. Today, she had made herbal potato vada. I had that and am writing this article today.

Herbal Potato Vadas
Herbal Potato Vadas

The Konkanastha girl’s query was how is a dinner on Holi day made with the ingredients used during the festival. Her father-in-law had made it clear that the dinner should have a different menu. They already had pooran polis in the morning.

Mom told the Konkanastha girl to make a fruit salad with ice cream and milkmaid instead of payasam. She, particularly, told her to cut the fruits into small pieces before making it.

Secondly, Mom told her to make Neer Dosas instead of rotis. She also recommended a sabzi of lady’s finger and another dish of mixed vegetables. Pulao can also be replaced by puliogare and rajma.

Now, pooran poli needs to be replaced. For that Mom’s suggestion was: take the puris of pani puri and make holes in them. Fill them with the stuffings of pooran poli. Place nuts like cashew, pishtachios and almonds. Raisins can also be used. Make dahi vadas the size of small pakoras and stuff them into more pani puris. Serve these dishes with the usual 2 kosambris, one gojju and one chutney. This is more than sufficient. But, if anyone wants they can have masala buttermilk or sweet lassi. This yummy yummy dinner is finished.


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