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Holi in Karnataka (Part III)

Dad always brings potato vadas from a Jain’s shop. The Jain is Dad’s friend. But, when Mom makes something at home, it is a different stuff altogether. Today, she had made herbal potato vada. I had that and am writing this article today. The Konkanastha girl’s query was how is ...

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Holi in Karnataka (Part II)

Our Lady of Intolerance and her customers, particularly a man belonging to another religion another one belonging to her own caste, have become so jealous of us that they want to kill my Mom. They have all indulged in black magic and made sure that we have to visit the ...

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Holi in Karnataka

A question was raised by someone over the phone about how people from Karnataka celebrate Holi. There are 2 types of Maharashtrians – Konkanathas and Deshasthas. Alliances with Deshasthas is possible for people from Karnataka. Today, things have advanced so much that a Konkanastha girl, we know, has been married ...

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