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Relaxation is Important for the Elderly

Tips for the elderly

Relaxation is as important as slight exercise, particularly for senior citizens, who have slogged their entire life taking care of their family in various ways.

Relaxation is Important for the Elderly
Relaxation is Important for the Elderly
  1. Sit on a comfortable chair with feet on the floor. Keep a straight posture and hands on the thighs. Remain in this position for 10-15 minutes and then relax.
  2. Place an outstretched carpet on the floor and lie down on it. Your position should be in such a way that most of your entire back is touching the carpet. Close your eyes and be aware of your body, particularly tightness, pain and cramps. Imagine that all these are leaving your body one at a time. Relax for 2 seconds.
  3. Lie down in the same position as the 2nd tip, slowly breathe in and out deeply for 10 minutes and then relax.

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