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Importance of Pranayama during Winters
Importance of Pranayama during Winters

Importance of Pranayama during Winters

There are different types of Pranayama. A Journalist Reveals has been on the lookout for expert inputs about the importance of Pranayama during winters, since the last one year. We, finally, found Mr. Sarvesh Shashi, Founder and CEO of Zorba Yoga and he complied with our request.


Importance of Pranayama during Winters:

Here is what he had to say:

Most of us are way too familiar with the struggles of getting out of bed in the cold winter mornings. The temptation of just staying snuggled in gets the best of us and so we decide to ditch our morning yoga routine. Whereas practicing yoga during the coldest season of the year is what your body needs, But, it’s definitely going to take a little bit of willpower and motivation to do so in the early mornings.

Cold climate causes a decrease in blood circulation, which in turn slows down the effectiveness of the organs and lowers the body temperature. Research shows that joint pains, arthritis and backaches are aggravated during the winters so it’s important to continue the yoga practice during this time to reduce stiffness and maintain muscle mobility.

Just as we change our diets depending upon the season, it’s important to do the same when it comes to yoga. One of the things to focus in regard to your yoga practice during winters is Pranayama. The cold and harsh winter air can aggravate sinuses, decrease body temperature and make us more susceptible to catching flu or a common cold. Therefore, it’s important to practice certain variations of Pranayama to generate natural heat and energy in the body.

Pranayama is an essential part of the yoga system, which concentrates on breathing techniques. It introduces the art of lengthening, retaining and releasing one’s breath. The best time to practice Pranayama is in the morning and preferably in the open air.

Some Benefits of Pranayama are:

  1.    Beneficial in combating stress.
  2.    Lowers blood pressure.
  3.    Aids in weight loss.
  4.    Relieves the symptoms of asthma.
  5.    Improves the autonomic functions.
  6.    Reinstates mindfulness and helps enhance one’s perception towards life and so on.

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