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A Query to Mom (Part II)

One day, the crocodile finds some black fruits on the bank of the canal. It finds the fruit tasty. While it was eating the first one, another fruit falls nearby. When the crocodile looks up, it sees a monkey and the tree is filled with blackberries. The crocodile asks the monkey, “Hello friend, when did you come here? I have seen these fruits only today.”


The monkey replies, “I come here every season. I have been seeing you here for the last 3-4 years. You have come to this bank only now.”

The crocodile says, “The fruits are juicy and tasty.”

The monkey shakes the tree, so that many fruits fall near the crocodile.

The monkey informs, “This is a very healthy fruit having medicinal value. If you have it, your health will also be good.”

The crocodile returns home and informs his wife about his friendship with the monkey and having eaten the fruits.

The wife is ill for the past few days. She asks, “Why did you not bring some for me?”

The crocodile brings some fruits for his wife the next day.

After having the fruits, the female crocodile begins to recover in 2-3 hours. It tells its husband, “Our food is not fruits. But, this is tasty. If we eat the heart of the monkey, who eats this regularly; then how tasty it will be?”

The male crocodile asks, “You are ill. The monkey stays on the tree. How will I bring it here?”

The cunning female crocodile tells its husband, “Invite the monkey for a feast to our home. And we will eat it up.”

The male crocodile informs the monkey, “My wife is ill. She wants to see you and give you a feast. Please come with me.”

The monkey asks, “How will I come in water?”
The crocodile tells it to sit on its back and the monkey complies with the crocodile’s wishes. After going 3/4th distance, the monkey realizes that the crocodile is very happy to escort it to the watery house of the crocodiles. The monkey says, “Are you so happy to take me to your home? You are such a good friend.”

The crocodile replies happily, “My wife wants to eat your heart and my children and I will eat your flesh.”

The monkey is highly shocked at the revelation. Due to God’s grace, it gets an idea.

The monkey tells the crocodile, “I have tied up my heart on the tree. If you had told me before, I would have dropped it to you.”

The crocodile asks, “What to do now? If I take you with me without the heart, my wife will scold me.”

The monkey suggests, “Take me back to the tree. I will bring you my heart and give it to your wife myself.”

The crocodile thinks, “What a fool this monkey is!”

The monkey realizes that friendship with fools can get you into big trouble and rapidly climbs onto the tree. He drops a bunch of fruits near the crocodile. It says, “You eat this until I bring the heart back down.”

The crocodile is busy in eating the fruits. The monkey runs down to the ground, picks up 2 large stones and drops them on the crocodile’s back and the head. The stones are so sharp that the crocodile begins to bleed from the back and the head. It cannot go back to the canal and stays in the bank.

The crocodile realizes that it had sinned by eating up its own savior when it was small. It was going to do another sin by killing the monkey. The crocodile stays on the bank without moving. Dogs, predatory birds and other carnivorous animals snatch off parts from the wounds to eat them. It gets a painful death.

Moral: It is better to stay away from cruel creatures.


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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Multimedia Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

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