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A 7-year-old boy falls down and breaks his arm. After 4-5 days in the hospital, he returns home with a plaster. He stays at home regularly taking medicines. He has burning sensation in his stomach and food pipe. The doctor is called. He asks, “How is the pain in the arm?”


The boy replies, “The pain is still there. But, I also have burning sensation in the stomach.”

The doctor gives an antidote and leaves.

The boy’s grandmother says, “The medicine does not reach the arm. It stays in the stomach to get the burning sensation.”

The next day, when his mother calls the boy for giving the medicine, he catches hold of the rod of the swing and hung there awkwardly telling his mother to give the medicine. The mother asks, “Come here. Why are you hanging there?”

He replies, “I want the medicines to go to my arm and not my stomach!”


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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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