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Guidance Readings - March 2022 (Part II)
Guidance Readings - March 2022 (Part II)

Guidance Readings – March 2022 (Part II)

Today, we share the Guidance Readings – March 2022 (Part II), by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the second part of the post.

Guidance Readings – March 2022 (Part II)


Quite a few Cancerians will have a very close and intimate time with your loved ones. Your love will be dedicated and unconditional. Excitement is in the air. You are slated to succeed in your ventures, by acting on impulse and one step at a time. Your principles will attract the best results in the coming days. You will be appreciated for your work. Challenges will come. But they will make you stronger. Going forward, you will need to resolve every legal issue.


Get ready for your worth being tested. Doubts and suspicions prevail. Brace yourself for them. Just be true to your soul and everything will be alright. Trust yourself and increase your confidence levels to attract admiration and care. Contemplate on what you really want in your lives. Do not deter from your goal and work consistently to reach them.


Trusting others and delegating work to them will help. Some family time is also in. You might need to gently convince someone to save a personal connection and might get into a professional partnership. Following your partners’ advice could be good for you. Steadiness and sanctuary can only come if you devote some effort and time on them.


Live in the present and enjoy every moment of life. Send gratitude toward the heavens and generate contentment in your hearts. Look out for the right activities to spend your energy.


Exerting to accomplish your goals and being grateful to the Almighty and the people, who have helped you, will attract care and reverence toward you. You have the power to convert commonplace projects into tremendously profitable ones and looking internally for answers will help you, in the long run. Your knowledge will be helpful to other people.


Make maximum use of research, information and inner voice. Do not be lethargic and give way to disturbance. Concentrate on your goals. Make an effort to remember all that you read. Prioritize your activities and religiously follow them. Meditate to release your stress.

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