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Vata Savitri Pooja During Lockdown – Story (Part 2)

Savitri asked the heavenly being, “Who are you?”


He said, “I am Yama, the God of Death. I do not appear in front of all humans. Most times, My servants bring people’s souls to Yama Loka. You are a virtuous lady. So, you can see Me.”

Savitri covered her husband’s body with dried leaves and sticks and began to follow Yama. Yama asked her the purpose of following him. She replied, “Walking with own husband is not a wrong thing.” Then, she praised Lord Yama.

Happy with her praises, he said, “No living being can come with Me to the Yama Loka. Ask for a boon except your husband, I will give it to you.”

She asked for her parents-in-law’s vision, a hundred sons for them and that their kingdom be given back to them.

Yama said, “Granted!”

He turned to go taking the thumb-sized Satyavan with him. Savitri continued to follow him.

He said, “You are still adamant. You should not come into the forest like this. There will be wild animals. Go and perform your husband’s last rites.”

“Walking with own husband does not a stress. I don’t mind coming.” She continued to praise Yama.

“I am pleased with your devotion to your husband. Ask for another boon other than your husband.”

She said, “My father is a king. He does not have a son, to rule the kingdom because I have come to live with my husband after marriage. Let my father have a hundred sons.”

“Granted!” He turned to go.

Savitri continued to follow him. He asked, “I granted the boons you asked. Why are you still following me?”

She replied, “I want a hundred sons.”

He said, “Granted!” And he was about to turnaround to go when she said, “I am a chaste woman. How can I have a hundred sons without my husband?”

To be continued…


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