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Vata Savitri Pooja During Lockdown – Story

Vata Savitri Pooja During Lockdown – Story

This story is narrated in North India and Karnataka during the festival. In Tamilnadu, a festival called Karadia Nombu is similarly celebrated. Other than this, during Aadi Amavasya, the tradition in Karnataka and Maharashtra is to perform Deepasthanbha Pooja. In Karnataka, Gendan Pooja is also performed during this time. Other than that, this story is recited every week on Tuesday and Friday by traditionally-inclined ladies. During these coronavirus times, it is good to read this story every day.

There are different versions of this story. The one we are presenting in this article has been taken from a very old book of traditional stories:

This story was narrated by Markandeya Rishi to the Pandavas, during their exile. The kingdom of Mandara was ruled by King Ashwapati. The king had one daughter called Savitri, after several hawanas. When she attained marriageable age, the king was unable to find a match for her. He sent her with her friends to find someone for herself. She found the exiled Prince Satyavan. Sage Narada came to Mandara, soon after and warned Ashwapati that Satyavan would not live long. At the same time, he also said that Savitri had performed Goddess Savitri Pooja with dedication and such dedication could result in the long life of her husband. Ashwapati was about to reject Satyavan. But, Savitri requested him that she would marry him only.

Accordingly, Savitri got married to Satyavan and the day came when Narada had predicted that Satyavan would die. That day, Satyavan informed his blind parents that he was going to the forest to get some wood for cooking food. Savitri decided to go with him. He said, “You have never asked me to take you to the forest with me. Go and tell my parents. If they give permission, you may come.”

Satyavan’s blind parents also thought that this was a strange request and they said that she could go with her husband.

Soon, Satyavan got tired came toward Savitri under the shade of a banyan tree. He was completely drained and lay down with his head on her lap. Within a few seconds a heavenly being appeared in front of her and took Satyavan’s soul with Him.

To be continued…

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