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Vata Savitri Pooja During Lockdown – Method

Vata Savitri Pooja During Lockdown – Method

This is how we celebrated Vata Savitri Pooja, this year during lockdown:

We took a branch from the last year’s potted plant of Vata or banyan. The branch can be transplanted into a pot or a glass of water. This time we decorated the branch with the images of the Gods, who reside inside the plant – Brahma inside the roots, trunk or bark representing Maha Vishnu and the branches representing Lord Shiva. The whole plant represents Goddess Savitri, who is a part of Goddess Parvati. We also kept a kumbha representing Goddess Savitri. We did not get any flowers, so we offered the home-grown vinca (sadabahar) flowers. We performed the Panchopachara Pooja and offered vinca and cloves. In the absence of flower garland, we offered gajavastra garland made of pure cotton. A yellow thread made by applying turmeric should be tied around the plant. We prayed to the Gods to save the whole world from coronavirus and recited the story and performed the aarti to complete the celebration of the festival. Reciting the story is very important. We will share the story in the next post. Stay tuned…

To be continued…

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