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Vata Savitri Pooja During Lockdown – Story (Part 3)

Vata Savitri Pooja During Lockdown – Story (Part 3)


Lord Yama realized that he had been caught off guard and returned her husband to her. When she returned to the banyan tree and pushed aside the dried leaves and sticks, Satyavan opened his eyes and stretched himself, as if he had been sleeping for long. He said, “Let’s go back home. My parents would be worried.”

When they reached home, Satyavan’s parents had acquired their vision back. They had been lamenting it was strange that Savitri had gone with Satyavan to the forest. The Rishis living in the neighborhood had told them that Savitri was a good lady and she would not cause any harm to her husband.

Satyavan said that he had fallen asleep and did not wake up for a long time. The Rishis asked Savitri what had happened. She narrated what had happened including the fact that Sage Narada had warned her about it. Soon, they got back their kingdom and King Ashwapati also had a hundred sons.


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