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Ranveer Wadhwani Casts Gautam Bhati in the Lead for Upcoming film

Gautam Bhati, a 21 -year-old from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has been chosen to star in an upcoming film cast by 07 Pictures Production House. He being a new talent has been struggling in the industry for the past three years. He is a determined young actor striving to get his bearings in the industry.

In his own words, Gautam Bhati says, “Since I am from Bhopal, Mumbai has been a different paced city for me. I have been struggling in Mumbai’s movie industry for the last three years. Many people have conned me by promising roles and works. I was discouraged and about to leave the industry for good but then, about 6 months ago, I met Ranveer Wadhwani. He saw my talent and offered to cast me in his upcoming movie as the lead actor. I am thankful to 07 Pictures Production for having faith in me and giving me a chance to prove myself.”

Ranveer Wadhwani has launched an entertainment production company in Mumbai called 07 Pictures Production, which will produce and cast new faces in TV serials, films, and web series. Ranveer Wadhwani has said that their primary goal is to offer  opportunities to the young fresh faces in the film industry.

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