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Father of the Nation

Father’s Day

Today is a very auspicious day – Father’s Day. The Creator Lord Brahma is the father of Hindus. Similarly, father is the creator of the family.

Father of the Nation
Father of the Nation

Today, I think of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He would wear an only salt-washed white dhoti. He would walk with a stick, glasses on and bent like a question mark. This is the man’s aged image. At that time, he had so many achievements to his credit. He had also detached himself from materialistic world. His standard of living was very low. At the same time, his standard of life was very high. Even today, there are several people living like him. But, how many people respect them?

Today, we have begun the series on different types of fathers, called Kalyuga’s fathers, we can see, now-a-days.

To be continued…

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