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Tips for Rainy Day

This time according to astrology, 3 planets have come together in Cancer. Thus, there is a lot of rain. More of it is expected. Waterborne insects will proliferate and many diseases are the result of it.

  1. Wherever water stagnates, if we cannot drain it, we can pour kerosene in it.
  2. Inside home, wherever we store water, we should drop alum (phitkari) in them. We can do this for even water stored for bathing and washing.
  3. In toilets, Western and Indian have a little stagnant water in them. We should pour concentrated phenyl time to time and particularly after every use.
  4. Boil neem leaves in water with rock salt. Make a thick decoction. Pour some into water for bathing. This can be used for mopping the floor as well even if lizol or any such disinfectants are used for it. The last mopping can be done with this decoction.
  5. The above decoction can be half-filled in small plastic disposable cups and they can be placed at different places. This has to be changed every day.
  6. Wash 2-3 leaves of neem and boil them in 1 – 1 ½ liter of water. After cooling, we can drink it, while lukewarm. We should have the habit of drinking this water, even though it may taste slightly bitter for the sake of our health. We can gargle 2-3 times per day after adding some salt (rock or common will do) to this water.
  7. We can add Tulasi (Holy Basil) to water and boil it to drink. We can also add the stalk of neem leaves as well to this decoction and have.
  8. Mix 1/8th spoon of Cinnamon powder, ¼th spoon of pepper powder and ¼th spoon of dry ginger powder. Boil this mixture in water and while drinking let it be either lukewarm or any temperature you can tolerate. Add some honey to it before drinking.
  9. Leave bunches of neem leaves in every possible place in your house.
  10. Light camphor with 1 spoon turmeric powder, ½ spoon ajwain, 2-3 cloves and 10 neem leaves in a mud diya and move around the house with it around 6 PM every day. Then leave it somewhere safe. The smoke of this mixture is very good against insect pests.

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