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Sony Kaur’s Beauty Journey

Today, let’s chart Sony Kaur’s Beauty Journey. Sony is a Mumbai-based freelance makeup artist from Chandigarh. Let’s hear her story from the horse’s mouth.

How did you get inspired to take up beauty as a career?

I believe beauty is something which is apart of every woman’s personality but we need to embrace this beauty, technically and professionally.

As I am a Punjaban, in our culture the weddings are all about woman looking at their best, not only for others but to make themselves feel good about their own individual personalities. As a kid, I attended a lot of weddings there I observed every woman/ girl wanted to look best but without professional help. It becomes impossible because everyone can hold a brush but can’t make a masterpiece out of it. You need enough practice and skills to master it, that is what inspired me to come forward to enhance my passion toward making others feel good about them by molding their appearance through my skills.

What kind of training did you take on makeup and beauty?

It takes a lot of practice to focus on one’s skills in makeup field, whether it’s eyes, skin, hair, etc., to master these skills. I had taken several levels of courses starting from basic to strengthen my base and slowly and gradually upgraded my skills on every levels with today’s growing techniques in makeup field. But I also use my creative ideas to make their personalities validate their characters because every woman has different skin and different requirements in makeup. So, I keep myself updated with latest techniques by brushing up my learning on daily basis when required.

What inspired you to start your insta page – @sonykaurmakeupstudio?

Everyone has their own fears about showing their skills to the world, but I am someone, who is confident and bold enough to show the world what I have learned and share the same passion by advertising my skills on a social media platform, which we use to connect to the world and share my knowledge of something that might help others. More importantly as people view your work, they ask questions to clear their doubts, this way you connect with them on a whole different level, so I thought why not do it with Instagram, the leading social media site in today’s world.

Which projects have taken the pride of place in your portfolio?

My portfolio is too short , because I am still growing on a professional level. I have done an event where I had to groom models, who were married women; which made me proud of my work. Apart from that, I would say that a few individual projects were on a personal level, from which I learned a lot. In the near future, I am looking for some solid collaborations with brandss that I would update on my page when the time is right.

What do you look forward to? Do you run an educational institute on beauty and/or teach makeup techniques?

I look forward to grow and never stop developing my skills. Even after my marriage with my family’s support, I will open my own academy and makeup studio where I would help others grow their skills and learn the passion that they all have in them in makeup because I believe in taking the people along than walking alone. I would like to share my knowledge and see the world progress with my help.

I, currently, don’t have any institutes. But I do take one on one classes with girls so I can focus on one at a time and help them overcome the doubts they have regarding makeup. Let’s see what the future holds. I cant promise anything for now. I believe in moving ahead with positive thoughts.

Any future projects?

There are many projects being discussed, but due to the pandemic and lockdown, it isn’t finalized. As it’s wedding season, very soon it will be updated on my page. I let my work talk more than my words.

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