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Painful Scene

I was going to continue yesterday’s narrative. But, this scene shook us hard. As usual, I was taking my parents for a follow up at the hospital, today. There were several people and an ambulance standing at the entrance of the hospital. We did not know why. We thought someone must have died and these many people would have come to get the medical certificate for the same. While going in, Mom was feeling uneasy and felt some pain in the body.

But, when we were leaving the hospital after 2 hours, the scene that presented itself in front of us shook us hard. The boy would have been 16-17 years old only. His right foot had been amputated and he was on a stretcher. These people were waiting to take him back home.

It was a train accident. Boys are gutsy and risk getting inside and out of moving trains. Some of them end up this way.

We request boys again. There is no hurry for anything. Life is a God’s gift. It is not right to mishandle our lives. It is a sin. If you still want to do something great, join the armed forces. That would be the right place for you. Taking risks with trains, buses and motorbikes is not right.

Parents, we request, you to take care of your children. Give them the right advice. School teachers take some responsibility of the future of the nation. Take off 5 minutes before class to advice them not to take these kinds of risks.

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