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Hetal Yadav

Hetal Yadav – Moving on from Life’s Trials and Tribulations

When we encounter misfortunes in life, we need the strength to overcome them. If we can’t source it from inside us, God sends someone to us, who encourages us. This is about actor and dance choreographer – Hetal Yadav. A Journalist Reveals asked her a few questions about her career and life. The following unfolded:

Where were you born? Tell us about your childhood.

I am born and bought up in Mumbai. As kid I was very shy girl. I hardly used to speak to any one especially with boys. I studied in a convent girls’ school in Santa Cruz, Mumbai. I had stage fear. During school or building functions my Mom use to prepare me for a speech. And I remember she used to push me literally from the wing on the stage and I could hardly say a sentence and run back to the wing. But I always took part in group dancing because I loved dancing and also it was in a group and not solo.

Full educational qualifications.

I did my schooling from St. Charles High School and further I studied by correspondence. I have also done Diploma in Teaching.

You have not been trained in acting. How did you manage your very first shot? Which TV serial or movie was it for?

I have never been to any acting school or a dance school. As child I grew up dancing on Saroj  Khan’s songs. I used to dance at home when no one was around. And I always used to tell everyone that when I grow up I want be Saroj khan. After I completed my 10th, I joined a modeling school. I did couple of ramp shows. There were some filmy dancers who came to watch our ramp show. They spotted me and called me for their dance show and that’s when my career as a dancer began. I did lots of show for Bali Bharambhatt, Jimmy Lever (Johnny Lever’s brother). Then I got a chance to do films. I progressed from back ground dancer to Asstant choreographer. I have assisted Ganesh Acharya, Habiba Rehman, late Mr.Jai Borade. I got lots of acting offers from the directors when I was an assistant choreographer but I did not bother.

Hetal Yadav with Actor Govinda
Hetal Yadav with Actor Govinda

My 1st break on screen was a song with Govinda, in the film Jorru ka Ghulam (Néeche Phoolo ki Dukan…). This is a very interesting story. I was one of the assistant choreographers in this film and director Shakeel Noorani spoted me and asked Ganeshji to picturize the song on me. But my bad luck, I had few people on crew who were jealous of me and couldn’t see me bagging this song. They put all their efforts in spoiling my part in the song and also by passing on comments while I performed and they succeeded. It was picturized in such a that I couldn’t even say to any one that I was the girl in the song. Anyway I kept on working. Then there was a phase in my life, where I got married I got pregnant after a year and had to stop working. After my son was born and he was just 2 months old I separated from my husband. Then was the real struggle I faced. I looked for work as an independent choreographer, did couple of small films for free. But nothing worked no one wanted to give me work. They didn’t want to take the risk as I had no show reel to show them. Life was tough.  I was emotionally and financially broken. Where ever I went asking for worh they would offer me roles, instead. Thanks to my little sister who is now a big name in South industry. She’s the one who encouraged me to give acting a try. She’s the one who paid for my 1st ever portfolio done and then onward I started accepting acting offers. And now people know who Hetal Yadav is. Thanks to my Family and God.

Which was your first project as a dance choreographer?

I worked as an assistant choreographer to Mr. Naimish Bhatt. He is my Guru and he is the one who gave me my 1st break as an independent choreographer. It was the title song of a comedy serial Saheb Biwi ke Ghulam for Sab T.V. Today I my time is equally divided as an actor and choreographer.

Tell us about your current project.

My recent project is Balika Vadhu season 2 where m playing a Negative role.

Would you like to talk about any other current projects?

I would love to return to films that’s where I belong. And I am working towards it

What do you see 10 years hence?

Well 10years down the line I see myself as a director.

What do you do when not in front or behind the camera? (Hobbies)

OMG, I do lot of things when I am not shooting. I am a mother and a lot of time is taken by my son. I monitor his studies. I love to cook and also baking. My son is a foodie. He can’t have the same menu every day. I love driving and I also so some social work at my level. I try to get work for the unemployed.

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