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Eazy Salon Review

I met Neeta Yadav from Eazy Salon on Linkedin and immediately suggested a service review. She directed me to talk to her co-founder Sanjay Yadav and the ball got rolling. I suggested the following Tuesday and Thursday as the suitable dates. It was decided that I would get waxing (arms and under arms), bleach, facial and threading on my eyebrows and upper lip.
About Eazy Salon: Founder, Neeta Yadav with background of 18 years of beauty and wellness experience, while residing in Bangkok, Thailand used to offer her beauty services to friends and the others from the Indian community as a hobby, since Indian women found it difficult to get salon services in Indian style especially the threading ones. This is where the idea to start a doorstep beauty services providing agency first took shape.
On returning to India after 6 years of stay, she launched a boutique style salon in a commercial suburb of Mumbai – Malad – namely Aura Beauty Salon. While running the salon the need of launching EazySalon, a salon services provider at home was strongly felt as she noticed that with her own experience of handling a salon business as well as a family, it became hectic. Today’s women are multitasking and have no time at hand to take care of herself or have her own time as they are busy with office, work, family, daily errands, etc. So, her experience in Bangkok as well as the problems faced by working/homemaker women in Mumbai, made her decide to launch
The thought of was to make the life of today’s woman easy and comfortable by allowing her to choose the salon services of her choice, as per her available time and at privacy and comfort of her place, be it home or office! It’s all about comfort, convenience and easy way a salon service can be availed anywhere at any time.
Our Take: In India, there is a small disadvantage as far as services of the beauty salon experts that visit home are concerned. No, I am not talking of the cross-gender services of the sleaze genre. I am talking about the girl to girl beauty services. The disadvantage is that the experts tend to think that the client does not know how and for what time period a service has to be given.
On Thursday, their beautician, Manisha Yadav came to our place for the services. She started with bleach on my face. While the bleach was doing its job, Manisha waxed my arms and underarms. Many so-called experts in waxing have a tendency to burn the skin, while waxing the extra hair off. But I found that Manisha did not hurt my already sensitive skin. Was it her technique or the wax was not so hot? I don’t know.
Then oddly, she decided to do eyebrows threading. This turned out to be a wrong decision later on. Besides, perhaps, she was in a hurry to finish the work. Therefore, she worked on my eyebrows fast. Then she took up facial. Neeta had told her to do the diamond facial from Aura, made in her own salon. Everything went off well between the cleanser and the scrub. The moment she applied the massaging cream over my face, the cream started stinging the broken skin, while she applied and massaged, the result of the rough threading. If she had done the threading after the facial, there would not have been such discomfort.
She had not done the mandatory back massage, initially during the facial. Then on my insistence she called Neeta to confirm the prices of the services. Post that only she gave a massage not only to my back but also to the back of my head. But that massage was so heavenly and relaxing. Then she also threaded out the hair on my upper lip, which went smoothly, since it was the last service.
People who give such services like these, which can particularly go haywire, should have the habit of using their learning as well as their experience to enhance their work. And such people should show an interest in their work, but not work as a means of earning money.


Price: Olivia Gold Bleach – Rs.350/-, Waxing (arms and under arms) – Rs.300/-, Diamond Facial – Rs.500/-, Eyebrows and upper lip (threading) – Rs.45/-. Total – Rs.1195/-.


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