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Lord Sharabheshwarar

Shani Amavasya (Part IX)

Lord Sharabheshwarar

Coming to Lord Sharabheshwarar pooja; since it is none other than Lord Shiva, placing a Shiva Lingam at the worship area is important. We also have to place a photograph of Lord Sharabheshwarar because the idol is rarely available. Next, we need to place something that represents Shani Dev. We can place Shani Yantra or Shani Purushakara Yantra. If these are not available, we can place a small stone, as the representative of Shani Dev, on a small steel lamp. But, before the pooja we need to purify the stone and lamp. We have to place them in a small vessel containing water with cow’s urine, one day before. The next day, we have to wash them 8 times in water, 8 times in milk and in water with sesame seeds.


To invoke Shani Dev in the stone, we need to spread a small black cloth in front of Shiva Lingam. Black sesame seeds are sprinkled on the cloth and the lamp is placed on it. The stone is, then, placed on the lamp. We have to invoke Shani Dev in the stone, by chanting Shani Beejakshara Mantra. Place the lamp and the stone on a steel plate and perform abhishekam with mustard oil, sesame seeds and sesame oil. Clean the stone and the lamp with cotton and place it back on the black cloth. The oil and the sesame seeds are, then, used to light an iron lamp. If an iron lamp is not available, we can use a steel lamp. The cotton is dipped in the oil and used for lighting the flame. 7 more lamps are lit with sesame oil.

Offer flower garlands to Lord Sharabheshwarar photo. We can also offer lemon garlands with 9, 27, 36, 54, etc. lemons to Lord Sharabheshwarar. Perform the pooja of Lord Sharabheshwarar and Shiva Lingam, first. We have to use turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and holy ash for the pooja. We also offer flowers to Lord Sharabheshwarar and Shiva Lingam, chanting 108 names of Lord Sharabheshwarar, Lord Sharabheshwarar Kavacha and Lord Sharabheshwarar Mantra. We can chant Shiva Shlokas as many times as we can. Then, we have to chant Shanaishchara Stotra.

Naivedyam comprises of a preparation with puffed rice, jaggery and black sesame seeds. Instead of puffed rice, ordinary rice can also be used. End the pooja with Mahamangarti. This pooja removes all graha doshas and all difficulties. It also removes all negativity in our lives.

To be continued…


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