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Akshita Arora wants to be the Best Makeup Artist
Akshita Arora wants to be the Best Makeup Artist

Akshita Arora wants to be the Best Makeup Artist

A Journalist Reveals has always been on the hunt for interesting people to be brought before the readers. We have never considered that as publicity. But we believe that these people should be given the accolades due to them. In the course of this endeavor, we came across Makeup Artist Akshita Arora. Akshita Arora wants to be the Best Makeup Artist. Over to Akshita Arora’s interview without much ado:

How did you get inspired to become a beauty expert?

I got inspiration by watching beauty related videos on Instagram. I started to love those videos so I just wanted to do the same.

How did you qualify for it?

I have completed a professional makeup course conducted by Airblack Beauty Club, a two-day pro course from Meenakshi Dutt and Shivangi Dutt and a 10-day pro course by Bhanupriya Kapoor.

How important are the tools in makeup?

Tools are important but according to me, you can do the makeup of your entire face with only your fingers. Thats how I started.

How to select the right tools?

Right tools can be selected by either experimenting or watching the videos of your favourite creators on online platforms.

How to select the right color cosmetics?

When you go to a store, the people there help you as to what will suit your skin type

What are the different criteria in which the right cosmetics can be selected?

If you talk about foundation, you can select your right foundation shade by applying it on your jawline to your neck or there is site called that can help you find your correct shade.

Do you teach besides doing makeup for your clients?

No, I don’t. I just entirely want to build a career in this makeup industry only.

What do you intend to do in the near future?

I want to be a very popular and the best makeup artist and I want to be known for my work.

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